Patient Testimonials

Spine Surgery

I lost my ability to swallow as a complication of spine surgery.  My doctor thought that it might take up to a year for me to return to normal.   After 2 ½ months of therapy, I was eating normally and the feeding tube was removed.   This painless therapy process took me from small bites of baby food to eating crackers and steak.

Swallow therapy is painless and effective, especially as practiced by Jen Carter.  You will find no more capable hands to return you to normal.  I can’t recommend the Carter Swallowing Center enough.

-Lynn B.


I had extreme choking following neck surgery and was discouraged with lack of progress and being told it would get better with time–6 months later I still had little change. I was fortunate to be referred to Carter Swallowing Clinic where I had a thorough evaluation and identification of my problem.

After 4 weeks of therapy and some homework, I can now enjoy eating almost all foods and feel I can eat in public again! Jenifer Carter was delightful to work with and extremely professional and patient. Being a nurse in a related field, I know many therapy centers and programs and this is far and above the most individualized, advanced therapy available.

–Nancy M, RN


A patient enjoys his first meal after an injury
A patient with dysphagia enjoys his first meal


Spinal Cord Injury

Jen gave us hope with VitalStim when we didn’t have anywhere else to turn.  My husband’s goal was to taste a banana split, which he eventually achieved.  Jen was professional, friendly, and excellent to work with.  I would recommend her to anyone.

-Cindy B.



Head and Neck Cancer

After a failed swallow evaluation I was referred to Jen for VitalStim and swallow therapy.  Not only did the VitalStim prove highly effective, but the deep tissue massage that Jennifer applied loosened my muscles enabling me to swallow much easier. The overall sessions gave me the confidence to explore a new menu of solids and liquids.  I highly recommend her successful treatment applications, and am hoping more will use her exceptional talents in the future

-Richard R


I developed a problem swallowing after having radiation treatment to my neck some 18 years prior.   I was told by my PCP that I needed a feeding tube, but luckily my ENT referred me to Jen Carter.  After 2 weeks of working with Jen I started noticing an improvement.  She’s given me back the ability to eat normally again.  She’s been a life saver, and I would highly recommend her.

-Tom T


Parkinson’s Disease

Jen is one in a million.   She has improved my swallowing and quality of life.   Jen and her therapies have helped me more than I thought possible, and she has saved my life.   Jen is a knowledgeable, compassionate, and caring speech pathologist, and I highly recommend the Carter Swallowing Center.

-Dorothy W.



My husband experienced many bouts of pneumonia, nine of which required 911 calls to save his life.  We were told that it was aspiration pneumonia and that “nothing could be done”.  Finally we were referred to Jen Carter.  Jen was so knowledgeable about swallowing problems.  A swallowing test showed his specific problems, and Jen set up a plan to deal with the problems.  She set up a program of exercises and swallowing techniques tailored to his specific difficulty.

Jen was always kind, patient, and clear at our visits.  She treated us as individuals and not just a “generalization of what happens to this age group”.   With a few visits we began to see positive results.  A problem that our PCP said “nothing could be done” was now being dealt with successfully.   The incidents of pneumonia went from 2 times a month to once a year.  Remarkable, yes, but Jen knows what she is doing.

-Janet B


Brain Injury

Of the many therapists who treated me, the most effective by far is Jennifer Carter.

-Tim E.


Multiple Sclerosis

My son Mark has Multiple Sclerosis, and an x-ray swallowing test showed that he was aspirating fluids and a feeding tube was recommended.   We went to see our ENT Dr. Reed, and he recommended that we give Jen Carter a visit to see if she could help.

We saw Jen about 1-2 times a week and have seen a major improvement in his swallowing abilities.  In fact, another modified barium swallow was done and it was determined that after her treatments Mark was no longer aspirating.   He is not choking as much, has less phlegm in his throat, and overall has a better quality of life.   We are eternally grateful for all the help Jen has given us.  Without her abilities, knowledge, and skills with the VitalStim Therapy we are certain that Mark’s condition would have digressed and he would have a feeding tube now.   We simply cannot thank her enough for working with us to achieve the results we have seen.   She is a knowledgeable, kind, gentle, and understanding professional.   Thank you Jen for all you have done for us.

-Diane J.


General Weakness

I so appreciated your help when I was having swallowing problems.  Not only were your methods effective, but the manner in which you administered them was wonderful.  You show such kindness, patience, and understanding– all of which, I believe, were key in the success of your treatment.

– Amelia B.


Thyroid Surgery

I called Jen Carter at Carter Swallowing Center after my total thyroidectomy because I was having difficulty swallowing thin liquids.  After a thorough assessment, Jen performed  myofascial release, a technique designed to release muscle tension in my neck. She also taught me how to perform the technique at home.  My ability to swallow has returned to normal as a result of the treatment I received.  I highly recommend Jen Carter any swallow issue you may have following thyroid surgery.

-Mary Anne K.

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