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Why Choose the Carter Swallowing Center?

The Carter Swallowing Center was founded with one mission in mind—to create a clinic focused around innovative and personalized therapy for patients struggling with difficulty swallowing.

The Carter Swallowing Center is the only therapy clinic in Colorado specializing in swallowing evaluation and rehabilitation. Rather than being a generalist with all types of speech therapy, speech pathologist Jen Carter strives to be a specialist of just one: swallowing.

Patients who have not been successful with previous therapies have found success with Jen and the Carter Swallowing Center. She provides comprehensive state-of-the-art therapy, many that patients haven’t tried yet, tailored to the individual concerns of each patient. She has been able to improve swallowing function for hundreds of patients so they can enjoy eating and drinking again.

Although traditional management of swallowing problems, such as thickening liquids or doing a chin tuck when swallowing, can help prevent pneumonia caused by food or liquid entering the windpipe, these techniques do nothing to actually improve swallowing function. Because of this, traditional swallowing therapy may leave patients with long-term swallowing restrictions or minimal improvement.

Just as professional athletes work out with personal trainers to maximize their exercise results, patients need swallowing exercise with an expert clinician that knows how to make the most of their therapy. At the Carter Swallowing Center you will work with Jen Carter, a board-certified specialist in swallowing disorders. Jen has extensive experience with swallowing rehabilitation and is passionate about making the latest advances in therapy available to her patients.

Of the many therapists who treated me, the most effective by far is Jen Carter

-Tim E.

I was told by my PCP that I needed a feeding tube, but luckily my ENT referred me to Jen Carter. After 2 weeks of working with Jen I started noticing an improvement. She’s given me back the ability to eat normally again. She’s been a life saver, and I would highly recommend her.”

-Tom T.
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