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Jen Carter, M.Ed., CCC-SLP, BCS-S

Jen Carter’s true passion, to help people overcome difficulty swallowing, became her singular focus when she opened the Carter Swallowing Center in 2011, the only clinic in Colorado that is dedicated to patients struggling with dysphagia.

Jen is a speech pathologist who has been treating adults with dysphagia (difficulty swallowing) for more than 25 years, including work at the University of Colorado Hospital and at the nationally renowned Craig Hospital in Denver. She has found that swallowing therapy is the aspect of speech pathology where she can make the greatest impact on patients’ lives.

In 2007, she was invited to work as a clinical specialist for VitalStim where her enthusiasm for dysphagia was ignited. After several years of traveling around the country teaching speech pathologists about swallowing therapy, she opened her own swallowing therapy clinic where she can make the latest treatment tools and techniques available for patients. Her goal is to help all people with dysphagia realize that difficulty swallowing does not have to be a way of life.

Jen is one of very few Board-Certified Specialists in Swallowing and Swallowing Disorders (BCS-S) in the state of Colorado. In addition to being an instructor of the VitalStim Therapy Certification course, she is a frequent speaker on dysphagia at local, state, and national conferences.

Jen is a quality clinician who possesses a rare combination of skills: expert knowledge of the treatment and diagnosis of swallowing problems; the ability to integrate sound clinical reasoning and treatment skills; and the mastery of a variety of treatment methods. Her patients are in expert hands.

-Yorick Wijting, PT, DPT; Director of VitalStim Therapy
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