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Tips for Patients

Difficulty swallowing pills is very common.   And when a person has dysphagia (difficulty swallowing), any issues with pills can become even worse.   But there are a few tricks that I suggest to patients that really seem to make a difference.

Think puree consistency foods are terrible? Well, I have to admit that most are. However, I am currently working with a woman with dysphagia that happens to be a gourmet chef, and she has completely made me re-think puree consistency food. During each therapy session she would bring in another one of her puree culinary creations for me to sample, and it was absolutely delicious ...

One of the most serious health risks to patients who have difficulty swallowing is that of developing aspiration pneumonia. “Aspiration” is the medical term for when food or liquids go into the wind pipe (trachea) and then into the lungs when swallowing. Repeated aspiration can eventually lead to pneumonia. Of course the best way to reduce the risk of aspiration pneumonia is ...

Almost every patient I see for swallowing therapy has a history of “reflux”.  The term reflux means “backflow” and describes the cause of the symptom of heartburn. But there is more to reflux than just heartburn. Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is when reflux from the stomach leaks backward to the esophagus (food tube from the lower throat to the stomach).   Laryngophar ...

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