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VitalStim/Electrical Stimulation

One of most common questions I am asked when I teach the VitalStim Therapy course is about how to do swallowing therapy with patients who have dementia or cognitive impairments. I think the answer is not what most people expect. But first a little background about the dilemma of swallowing therapy with patients who have dementia and why this question is so frequently asked. Sw ...

One of the Carter Swallowing Center patients’ success story was featured on CBS Channel 4 News. Joanna started at the Carter Swallowing Center being unable to swallow any foods or liquids, including her much needed medication which she could not crush and put in her feeding tube. Her not being able to eat was made worse by the fact that she is a wonderful chef for whom eatin ...

Carter Swallowing Center

3470 S. Sherman St.
Suite 2

Englewood, CO 80113

Fax 303-865-3540


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